Uniforms for your Company

23 May Uniforms for your Company

A uniform is a type of clothing worn by a group of people representing a brand or a company. It creates a sense of identity and it is a way to identify one brand from another.

A distinct uniform with your company logo makes your brand or company easy to identify and creates a sense of familiarity amongst the masses. Using your corporate colours as base colours of your uniform design is a good way to enhance the overall branding of your company and presents a positive corporate identity.

At Ark Industries, you can customise your company’s uniform such as Polo Tees and Round Neck Tees. Choose from a wide variety of fabric types and work with our in-house Design Team to come up with a unique uniform. Customise with different details such as collar trimmings, pipings and contrast panels to create a professional look. A uniform is not limited to a Polo Tee or a Round Neck Tee, customise windbreakers, cycling jerseys, overalls, aprons, dresses or caps!

Not only does the uniform have to look professional and smart, it has to be comfortable to wear. Some uniforms provide good air flow through air vents or a mesh fabric. Companies from different industries have varying requirements for a uniform. For example, a construction company will look for a uniform with safety features such as reflective fabric or vinyls, while an events company will look for a perspiration wicking fabric for their uniform. Uniforms can also be designed with additional details such as pockets on the sleeves for pens. The design of the uniform should be practical so that the wearer can do his or her job with ease of movement.

Depending on the company’s structure, the uniform design can differ amongst departments. The differences could be subtle such as the colour of the tipping of the collar or the embroidered department name on the sleeve.

A uniform also serves to foster team spirit amongst colleagues and is beneficial to overall work productivity as it places the wearer in the right frame of mind for work. It also creates a sense of equality amongst all members of the company.

Embroidering or printing company logos on the left or right chest of tops is commonly chosen by companies. Printing the company’s contact details such as the website address across the back of the tops encourages potential customers to make enquiries.

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