Artwork for Embroidery

23 May Artwork for Embroidery

Embroidery can greatly enhance the appearance of a logo. For example, the direction in which the thread moves in will create texture differences for the elements in a logo and at the same time, define the shapes distinctly in the logo. Understanding the limitations of embroidery is important to manage expectations of how it would look like on the apparel.

Gradient Effect

It is difficult to recreate the gradient effect through embroidery. Upon receiving requests to embroider logos or artwork with a gradient or shadow effect in them, we will advise the customer to convert the gradient to a solid colour or remove the shadow effect.

Intricate details

Thin lines, textured backgrounds, small shapes and detailed fonts are difficult to recreate in embroidery. 

There is a minimum size of text so as to ensure clarity and readability.

3D Embroidery 

Bold alphabets are best suited for 3D embroidery. They look oustanding on the crown of caps!

– Introduction
– Gradient Effect
– Intricate Details
(Show some image examples)
– 3D Embroidery considerations
– Suitable and non-suitable fabric types

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